Pema comes from an unusual Tibetan family that has scattered around the globe. The parents, Karma and Dolma, live in extreme poverty in a Himalayan village at an altitude of 13,000 feet. Pema and his two youngest sisters grew up in a children’s home in Kathmandu (Nepal). Sister Sumchog was adopted by Dutch people and sister Dorje by Americans. Sister Yonzom is the only one who stayed with her parents. She is married now, carrying on local traditions. When Pema was 16 his parents came to Kathmandu to tell him they want him, their only son, to marry a local village girl. That is how things go according to their tradition. But Pema has gotten used to the modern life in the big city. He dreams of becoming a photographer and studying in the west. Two years later he gets his opportunity: he can go to Holland, to his sister Sumchog’s family, and start a study. His parents, however, will not leave him alone, and keep demanding that he return home to marry. Together brother and sister decide to make the long trek to their native village. Their youngest siblings, Dolma and Tsering accompany them. Pema wants to solve the conflict with his parents about a possible marriage, and hopes his sisters will support him. Through the majestic landscape of the Himalayas they trek in 10 days from the airport to home. There an emotional family reunion ensues – some members of the family have not seen each other for many years. But the gathering is overshadowed by the conflict between Pema and his parents. The pressure grows, will Pema obey tradition or follow his own heart? Within the microcosm of this family a familiar generational conflict unfolds. Globalization, migration and adoption have left deep gaps between the family members. They love each other, and do not want to miss each other, but they will never be a real family again.

Written and directed by: Simonka de Jong DOP: Wiro Felix (Nepal), Paul Cohen (NL) Sound: Rik Meier (Nepal), Martijn van Haalen (NL) Editing: Menno Boerema Music: Hans Helewaut

An IDTV Docs production van in co-production with Offworld and the Buddhist Broadcast Foundation, supported by Dutch Filmfund, Media Fund, CoBOFund, and VAF.